Craft Material Engineering Group



Smith Richard Moon – CEO


We have spent many years succeeding in the harshest and deepest drilling waters in the world, and these experiences have made us determined to learn, improve and develop better solutions to our challenges. Our progress has always been underpinned by our founding values – values to which we remain true today.


Craft Material Engineering Group (CME GROUP) has its grounds in the modern days of the offshore drilling industry. About 2 decades of innovation, multiple acquisitions of rigs and companies, and an unwavering commitment to safety compose the chapters of our history and define Wong Solutions as an established world leader in offshore drilling. As of date Craft Material Engineering Group (CME GROUP) has a fleet of 5 jackups, 2 sub-submersibles and 3 drillships currently commissioned around the world. The following provides an overview of some of Wong Solution’’s key periods and corresponding milestones since its inception.

Between 2011 and 2013, Craft Material Engineering Group (CME GROUP) further reinforced its position in the jack-up segment with addition of six jack-up rigs, four of which were built for operation in harsh environments in the North Sea. Starting in 2011, Craft Material Engineering Group (CME GROUP) bolstered its capabilities for midwater drilling through the management of two semi-submersible rigs on behalf of US Oilfield Services, operations were primarily conducted offshore Australia and New Zealand on behalf of independent E&P Companies.


Understanding the Project: We provide basic and detailed screening and engineering to help select and quantify the benefits of our technology for your wells.

Provide Experience that is Unmatched: With an active management team and field personnel that consist of many individuals with well over 100 years of successful experience collectively, our goal is to provide expertise, in conjunction with our services to Operators looking for value and experience from their partners.

Deliver Results: Our staff of project managers, wellsite engineers, wellsite supervisors and equipment specialists has more training and field experience than any other team in the industry. These are the people who make sure that the value we have projected is delivered to you on location. Their success has built ours.

Surpass Expectations: Our goal is to help you exceed the expectations of your reservoir and your wells. Our track record tells us we are succeeding.